Leaps of Faith

It has been a long time since I have written anything on here and for anyone who may be reading, thank you for checking in.

The sun is setting outside my window in West Los Angeles right now, leaving only shadows of what this day held. In much the same way, some of us are starting new chapters in our lives. I, having recently quit my day job to pursue some sort of artistic stability hang in the limbo between chaos and order, trying to find some ground beneath my feet where I may compose myself and begin to move forward into the next leg of my journey. It is exciting and terrifying and I love it. The sun has risen.

I can happilly anounce that our beloved drummer is taking an even greater step forward this week, with his engagement to his now fiance, Alyssa. We love them both and look forward to seeing them grow in Love together over the next few months, as well as the rest of their lives.

Sometimes all we need to do is take a leap. For some of us those leaps don't require a lot of secong thought or fear, because sometimes the leap is one that you have seen coming for a long time and were well prepared for. Other times opportunities fall into your lap allowing you to rethink the path that you are on and consider a new approach, which may require a leap that was not in your playbook the day before. Ultimately we must make decisions based on what we feel in our hearts and what we believe in. Sometimes there is the possibility for failure, but more often than not, we are given such opportunities in order to challenge ourselves to step into the next, great chapters of our lives. In many ways that is what it means to be an artist, living from check to check and gig to gig until one day the winds change and you suddenly find yourself moving in the direction of your dreams.

Today I am excited to feel like I have space in front of me to accomplish things that have been on my list of to do's for the last three years. I am excited for my friend who has committed his love to someone he believes is right for him. And I am excited for the places that this band is going and the paths we will get to experience as we travel.

Thank you for reading and supporting independent art.

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